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  • ON Time continually  identifies  and communicates with recipients  We continuously monitor the needs of both civilians and military

  • We track and ensure all donations are used as intended Donations are efficiently used and accounted for

  • We connect donors, volunteers, partners and recipients We have an worldwide network of connections and contacts

  • We do ongoing  reporting Photos, videos and financial reports for all expenditures

  • Together we change the world for the better! We save the lives of military at the front and improve the lives of those civilians who are in crises situations

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Transport and ammunition for the military

  • Transferred cars 35

  • Military painted cars 83

  • Purchased ammunition for the military Thermal imaging cameras (15 pcs), drones (5 pcs), knee pads, sniper rifles (1 pc), uniforms, shoes, unloading systems, tactical backpacks, balaclavas, tactical glasses, tactical gloves, body armor, tactical helmets , binoculars and radio stations

  • Tactical medicine Tourniquets, tactical first-aid kits (over 400)

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  • Transferred ambulances  4

  • Medicines and medical devices

  • Equipment for hospitals and clinics 

Medical Aid

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Assistance to victims of russia's military aggression and socially vulnerable

  • Food kits and hot food  Organized daily hot meals for 2,000 people per day. 9,000 dry food rations were produced

  • Cold weather items, clothes and shoes

  • Household items Sleeping bags, cots, power plants, generators, blankets, hygiene products

  • Necessities for babies Diapers, baby food, clothes

  • Medicines and medical devices

  • Food and care for animals

  • People evacuated from “hot spots” 41 families were taken out of hot spots in the Kharkiv, Donetsk, Kherson and Mykolaiv regions by our own forces in our own cars; including 15 bedridden invalids, 4 people for urgent operations, 11 babies

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  • Charity sales auctions

- Bronze medal of the Olympics in Tokyo 2021 co-founder of On Time Stanislav Horuna

- Gold medal of the European Karate Championship

- Gold Cup of the Ukrainian womens karate team at the European Championship 2017

- other auctions

  • Charity sports and mass events Co-founder Ruslan Klymenko and his Dyka Gonka project in Kyiv and regional centers of Ukraine

  • Online seminars, charity training  In Kyiv, regional centers of Ukraine and online around the world

Charity events

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We currently help*
On Time and it's  founders

  • Military unit A 022🢙;

  • Sturm special purpose marine infantry battalion

  • Command of the Special Operations Forces of the Armed Forces

  • Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defence

  • Special unit Kraken

  • Military unit A 210🢙

  • 1 operative brigade of special operations

  • Georgian Legion

  • Military unit A 154🢙 (Kharkiv, Donetsk direction)

  • Center of the Ministry of Defense and the General Staff of the Armed Forces

  • Military unit Carpathian Sich (east)

  • 10🢙 brigade of the 69th battalion (Kostyantynivka, Donetsk region)

  • and more than 50 other military units

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