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A battle can be won by force,
war - only with the mind

The task of dummies of military equipment is to mislead the enemy and force him to spend as many missiles and ammunition as possible to destroy false targets, which leads to incorrect evaluations by the enemy of one's success.


Thanks to the high-quality detailing of our layouts, the Ukrainian military receives many advantages in this war, preserves its own life, equipment, and weapons, at the same time reveals the enemy's combat positions.

Having a huge experience in the woodworking industry (more than 30 years) and being motivated patriots, we, in close cooperation with the military, have developed high-quality military equipment dummies, which are now in huge demand from everyone who is currently defending our country!


These designs have a huge number of advantages over inflatable ones taxes or even similar wooden dummies:


• 90% match the original, both in size and detail

• Collect from 2 minutes  "bare" hands, without any additional tools (see video)

• They have reliable large-node elements that are easy to transport

• Thanks to constructive solutions and high-quality materials, they withstand a large amount of damage from debris, bullets, and even from close explosions, which cannot even be compared with inflatable analogs, which in many cases are much more expensive than our version

• Possibility of repeated assembly-disassembly without loss of structural reliability and the help of any tools!!!

• Everything was designed in close communication and consultation with the military, which ensured optimal price, reliability, conformity to the original, and ease of installation!

• Our models have a designed and manufactured special undercarriage that allows them to be towed along roads several kilometers away to move them into position!!!

• M777, OHSKOSH, HIMARS, HAMMER EVENGER howitzer mockups are currently made!

• So far, we have sent the first batch to the military and received positive feedback from them regarding the quality and detailing!!!

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MAK models, are made of high-quality waterproof plywood, which after additional processing and painting withstands any atmospheric effects


The strength of the structure is designed for repeated hits of debris, which prolongs their life and, most importantly, adds authenticity and realism to our models


From a distance of several kilometers, from a drone, the mock-up cannot be distinguished from the real equipment.


Howitzer M 777 -  UAH 34,200

M142 HIMMARS  - UAH 87,400


OSHKOSHtractor - 76,000 hryvnias


Certain models are available.

It is possible to manufactureleother options of technique or false targets of the enemy.

The production period is 1-2 working days for 1 unit of equipment.

During the Second World War, Great Britain became a real master of deception. And one of the applications of dummies - changed the course of history.

It was Operation Fortitude, which misled the Germans about the location of the attack on the European mainland. (In the area of Calais, not in Normandy, as it actually was)

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Research shows that if you put a dummy somewhere, it's not about whether it's real or not. But it changes the decision-making process. When the enemy finds out that there are fake weapons on the battlefield, they are not quite sure whether to shoot or not. And this creates a time delay that is beneficial to the one using dummy targets.

Glen Grant, Defense Expert, Baltic Security Foundation

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If necessary, we can develop a mockup of any modern equipment currently used by our troops!!!


+38 067 502 12 56

Sincerely  and confidence in victory, the founder and chief engineer of MAK

Ruslan Klymenko

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