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Do you want to help our fighters and bring victory closer?

We have a new, urgent important project !! Since the beginning of the invasion we have been assisting the Special unit of the OMEGA National Guard. They have used special kamikaze drones, developed in Ukraine, to carry explosives that destroy enemy armoured vehicles. The drones are unique and VERY cost effective (approx $330). They are capable of striking a moving tank, a BMP and can even fly into a trench. All of this is captured on video until the moment of explosion. For understandable reasons, the developers do not advertise themselves. The video of the drone efficiency speaks for itself. The “On Time” team personally knows these fighters and will directly hand the drones to them. We can assure that every dollar/euro/Hry will be used to destroy the enemy.

Our GOAL is to raise the funds for 20 drones ($6,600) before the anniversay date if the full scal invasion of Ukraine. $330 to destroy a million dollar target, Cost efficient and timely - “On Time” WE BELIEVE IN UKRAINE - WE WILL WIN


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